Effective Financial Management

Program Duration: 3 Days

Program Objectives:
By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

• Set financial plans and monitor them.
• Learn the techniques and tools of analyzing financial information for adopting the right decision.
• Discover the impact of financial implications on decisions and strategies.
• Deal with financial risk.
• Set appropriate financial strategies.

Program Outcomes:

• Utilize financial analysis indicators in decision making process.
• Apply ABM and ABC techniques in measuring performance.

Program Contents:
Strategic Role of Finance

• Financial analysis for sustaining organizational strategies and plans.
• Developing values for shareholders.
• Value added analysis.
• Customer and product based strategies.

Activity Management
• Activity based costing.
• Process based management.

Financial Performance Metrics
• Cash flow analysis.
• Financial ratios analysis.

Financial Investment
• Investment strategy and corporate strategies.
• Capital investment plans.
• Merger and acquisition.

Program Design and Target participants:
This program is designed for finance and accounting managers and those who are aspire such role in order to leverage their competencies.

Program Delivery Methods:
• Workshops.
• Exercises.
• Case studies.
• Projects.