Financial Accounting, Budgeting & Reporting

Program Duration: 2 Days
Program Objectives
By the end of the program, participants will be able to know:
• The characteristics and differences of the environment that necessitate the unique accounting and financial reporting;
• The process of setting accounting and financial reporting standards for entities;
• The bases of accounting and measurement focuses used;
• Fiscal accountability;
• Exchange and non exchange transactions;
• The uses of cost accounting;
• Performance measures;
• Budgeting;
• Accounting and reporting in state, including:
– Determining the financial reporting entity;
– Fund accounting and reporting;
– Accounting and reporting;
– Accounting and reporting for specific transactions.
• Accounting and reporting, including:
– budgeting;
– budgetary accounting;
– financial accounting foundations;
– financial statements, notes, and supplementary reporting;
– Accounting and reporting for specific transactions.
Program Contents
The program consists of the following modules:
1. Influences, concepts of financial reporting, and standards-setting.
2. General principles.
3. Cost accounting and performance reporting.
4. Budgeting.
5. Accounting and reporting
a. Accounting standards and financial reporting.
b. Fund accounting and reporting.
c. Financial reporting.
d. Accounting and reporting for specific asset and liability
e. Revenue, expenditure/expense and other operating statement
6. Budgeting and financial reporting.
a. Budgeting.
b. Budgetary accounting.
c. Financial accounting and reporting foundations.
d. Financial statements and management’s discussion and
e. Financial accounting standards and illustrations
Program Design and Target Participants:

This program is designed for finance people who are eager to leverage their financial competencies.

Program Delivery Methods:

• Workshops.
• Individual and group exercises.
• Group discussion.