Inventory & Stock Management

Program Duration: 2days

Program Objectives:

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:
• Understand the role of professional handling and storing of materials in meeting the organizational and individuals goals.
• Learn proper and professional techniques related to Inventory Management and materials handling
• Gain new methods in storing materials
Program outcomes:
• Practice proper handling and storing methods
• Prevent accidents and hazards related to materials handling and storing
• Effective management of inventory
• Warehouses controls

Program contents:
Inventory & Materials Handling
• Importance of proper handling of materials
• Types of materials
• Hazards and risk assessment
• Inventory Management methodology
• Controls over Inventory
• scrap and Obsolescence

Forecasting Demand
• Internal and external factors affecting forecasting
• Forecasting methods

Materials Storing
• Types of stores
• Storing methods
• Storing materials
• Outdoor storage

Inventory System

• The economic order
• Determination of the re order point
• Just in Time –JIT approach
Measuring Inventory System
• Causes of Unacceptable performance
• KPIs and the agreed targets

Program Design and Target Participants:
This program is designed for store professionals who are interested in leveraging their storing and handling competencies

Program Delivery Methods:
• Workshops
• Exercises
• Demonstration