Warehouse Operations and Management

Program Duration: 3 Days

Program Objectives: By the end of the program, participants will be able to:
• Understand the intellectual dimensions of the warehouse management
• Develop methods for warehouse planning
• Apply appropriate standards and measures for material handling
• Utilize warehouse technology for sustaining warehouse efficiency
• Apply 5S of Kaizen for sustain warehouse safety and security
• Manage inventory and control costs using ABC analysis
Program Contents

Intellectual Dimensions of the Warehouse
• Concept and importance of warehouse
• Warehouse value added services
• Types and design of warehouse
• Nature of goods and layout of warehouse
• Space requirements calculation
• Warehouse operations and functions

Operational Planning
• Warehouse operational plan
• Frequency of the operations
• Warehouse operations
Schedules of delivery

Requisitions and Replenishment of Materials

• Replenishment of Stock Items
• Distribution of MRP

Receipt and Inspection of Materials
• Receipt of goods
• Inspection of the quantitative and qualitative aspects of goods

Issue & Dispatch of Goods
• issue procedure of items
• Methods of issue stores for internal use
• Warehouse reports

Discrepancies and Their Resolution
• Processing and Distribution of DR
• Handling of Materials Under Discrepancy

Control of Tools and Scrap
• Control Tools
• Managing Scrap Materials

Managing Inventory
• Concept and importance of inventory management
• ABC Analysis
• Forecasting methods
• Methods of taking physical inventories

Storage Processes and Systems

• Types of storage systems
• Nature of material handling
• Material handling processes

Safety and Security of warehouse
• Importance of security in warehouse
• Warehouse safety methods

Kaizen Applications in the Warehouse
• Concept and importance of the Japanese approach of continual improvement and quality
• 5S methodology and implementation
• Role of 5S in improving warehouse processes, operations, safety and security

Bar coding
• Importance of bar coding for increasing warehouse operations efficiency
• Bar coding and warehouse management

Filing systems

• Filing styles
• Role of filing system in improving warehouse operations management

Computerized Applications
• Data entry for storage & issue of items
• Stock updating
• Generation of work results , KPIs for decision making and warehouse management

Program Design and Target Participants
This program is designed for employees who are interested in leveraging their competencies related to warehouse operations and management
Program Delivery methods
• Workshops.
• Exercises.
• Action plans.
• Case studies.
• Scenarios.