How to Prepare Effective Strategic and Operational plans

Program Duration: 3 Days.

Program Objectives:

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

• Understand the link between strategic and operational objectives.
• Develop business plans and programs.
• Adopt adequate planning and implementation tools.
• Monitor and assess performance indicators.

Program Outcomes:

• Develop strategic and operational objectives.
• Develop work plans and performance measures.
• Implement work plans and coordinate with other departments.
• Apply adequate measurement tools.
• Eliminate work barriers and support team initiatives.

Program Contents:

Conceptual Framework

• Strategic and operational planning concepts.
• Importance of critical thinking and strategic planning.
• Strategic planning process and methodology.

Formulation of Strategic Plan
• Analysis of the organization strategic, drivers and intents:

Mission, Vision, and Values
• Analysis of the environmental factors internally and externally.
• Identification of performance gap.
• Setting strategic objectives and adopting adequate business and functional strategies.
• Setting strategic and operational plans.

Implementing Strategic and Operational plans
• Action plans and programs.
• Communication plans and programs for departments, teams and individuals.
• Allocation and assignment of resources.
• Monitoring performance outcomes on daily, weekly, monthly and periodical basis.

Evaluation of the Plans Outcomes
• Strategic and operational objectives against the actual results and KPI s
• Impact of the targeted plans on the stakeholders and the organizational climate.

Program Design and Target Participants:
This program is designed for directors, managers, section heads and supervisors.

Program Delivery Methods:

• Assessments.
• Workshops.
• Exercises.
• Individual and team presentation.
• Case studies.