Integrated Strategic Planning for Organizational Excellence

Program Duration: 3 Days

Program Objectives:
By the end of the program, participants will be able to:
• Understand the intellectual dimensions of the strategic planning
• Conduct internal and external environmental analysis
• Develop effective organizational and business strategies
• Formulate strategic and operational plans
• Enhance the links of the integrated strategic thinking and planning at the top level with the departmental functional strategies

Program Outcomes:

The program is designed to enable participants to:
• Assess the organizational climate and readiness for implementing strategic planning.
• Deploy SWOT and PESTEL analysis for driving the adequate organizational and business strategies.
• Conduct product / service analysis using BCG Matrix.
• Translate strategy into action for generating the required results.
• Deploy BSC and KPIs in measuring strategic plans outcomes.

Program Contents:

Fundamentals of Strategic Planning
• Concept and importance of strategic planning.
• Globalization and its impact on the strategic planning.
• Strategic planning model.

Internal and External Environment Audit
• Recognizing the organizational strength and weakness.
• Conducting a resource-based view analysis.
• Identifying the value added activities in the value chain.
• Applying environmental analysis tools and instruments.

Identification of Strategic Activities
• Assessing factors for selecting the right strategy.
• Aligning strategies with the organization capabilities and resources.

Strategic Plan Formulation
• Empowering people for participation.
• Conducting gap analysis.
• Linking strategic plans to the operational plans.
• Managing the required tangible and intangible resources for strategy implementation.
• Setting programs and projects from the selected strategies.
• Documenting strategic plan Implementation.
• Reshaping the organizational culture.
• Creating synergy and connecting people.
• Linking rewards to the outcomes of the strategic plans.

Assessment of Strategic Plans Results

• Setting performance measure and KPI’s
• Utilizing balanced scorecard for measuring the outcomes of the strategic plans.
• Reporting the outcomes of the strategic plans.

Program Design and Target Participants:
This program is designed for general Managers, directors, business analysis and
Other professionals who are involved in setting, implementing and measuring strategic plans.

Program Delivery Methods:
• Strategic planning questionnaire.
• Work shop.
• Exercises.
• Scenarios.
• Case studies.