Program Duration:
3 days
Program Objectives:
By the end of this program, participants will be able to:
• Understand the concept and importance of the benchmarking.
• Learn benchmark processes and techniques.
• Prepare and implement benchmark plan.
• Deploy strategies and policies effectively.
• Ensure the effective utilization of the best practices

Program Outcomes:
• Develop and apply benchmarking method and plan.
• Design and deploy data collection tools.
• Conduct competitor analysis.
• Run internal cultural surveys.
• Develop and set world class / best standards.
• Measure benchmarking processes outcomes and link them to the organizational performance excellence.

Program Contents:
Intellectual Dimensions of Benchmarking
• Concept of benchmarking.
• Best practices and competitive advantage.
• Importance of benchmarking.
• Benchmarking and performance measures.
• Benchmarking approach.

Benchmarking Planning
• Assessment of the organization readiness.
• Formation of the benchmarking team.
• Selection of the benchmarking methods.
• Traditional and solution-driven benchmarking methods.
• Identification of target organizations.
• Data collection methods analysis.
• Identification of the competitiveness gap.
• Projection of the futuristic performance standards.

• Benchmarking findings.
• Communication of results.
• Development of functional goals.

Operating Plan
• Putting strategies into operating and action plan.
• Integrating and linking strategies, goals, action plans, budgets and measures.
• Implementing best practices.
Performance Measurement
• Assessment of benchmarking effectiveness
• Monitoring and measuring new performance standards and best practices outcomes.
• Reporting work progress to stakeholders.

Program Design and Target Participants:
This program is designed for directors, managers, section heads, specialists and those
Who are looking for developing themselves and their organizations performance.

Program Delivery Methods:
• Self – Assessments.
• Workshops.
• Exercises.
• Case studies.
• Individual and team presentation.
• Action plans.