EFQM Excellence Model

Program Duration: 3 days.

Program Objectives:
By the end of the program, participants will be able to:
• Understand and delve into the components and structure of EFQM Model.
• Learn how to deploy EFQM Model for improving the organizational performance and get the target results.
• Understand excellence criteria and link between them.
• Gain the techniques related to the implantation of RADAR approach.

Program Outcomes:
• Set action plans for meeting the requirements of the excellence criteria.
• Deploy RADAR for assessing the organizational performance.

Program contents:
Essentials of Excellence
• Concept and Evolution of quality.
• Excellence Concept.
• Benefits of excellence.
• EFQM Model.

EFQM Framework and Criteria
• Enablers
i. Leadership
ii. Strategy
iii. People
iv. Partnerships and Resources
v. Processes, Products and Services
• Results
i. Customer Results
ii. People Results
iii. Society Results
iv. Key Results

• Identification of results
• Development of approaches
• Deployment of approaches
• Review and assessment of approaches

• Assessment of the Enablers dimensions.
• Assessment of the Results dimensions.
Program Design and Target Participants:
This program is designed for those who are interested in enhancing their competencies of excellence.

Program Delivery Methods:
• Assessments
• Workshops
• Individual and group exercises
• projects