Fundamental of HR Management

Program objectives: By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

• Describe what Human resources means
• Identify the range of HR functions and activities
• Demonstrate is understanding of human resource planning and the approaches taken to understate this task.
• Identify the elements of job analysis and design
• Understand job analysis method
• Describe the content of job description and a job specification
• Identify the major internal and external sources of human resources
• Determine training and development needs
• Identify training needs at the organizational, task and individual levels
• Conduct TNA
• Identify the different stages of a career and their impact on the individual and organization
• Explain uses of performance approach
• Understand employment relation process
• Absorb UAE federal law provisions

Program contents:

Unit 1: introduction to HR and HR planning
• Concept of human resource management
• Evolution of HR thoughts
• HR functions
• Human Resource planning
• Approaches to HR planning and forecasting HR need
• Competive advantage through human resources

Unit 2: Job Analysis and Design
• The relationship between job analysis and job design
• Job analysis techniques
• Job description and job specification
• Competency ……………..
• Methods of job design

Unit 3: Recruitment, selection and job orientation
• Purpose and importance of recruitment organizational recruitment policy
• Internal and external sources of recruitment
• Evaluation and control of recruitment operations
• Selection and orientation
• Interviewing techniques
• Job induction program

Unit 4: Human Resource Development
• The need for training
• Training needs analysis
• Phases of training and development programs
• Organizational needs analysis
• Job needs analysis
• Person needs analysis
• Competency based training
• Learning styles

Unit 5: Career Management and planning
• Concept of career planning
• Career management
• Career development support factors in career development

Unit 6: Performance Management
• Concept of performance management
• Key elements of performance management
• Benefits of performance management
• Management and motivation
• Performance appraisal process
• Performance appraisal interviews
• Dealing with staff grievances

Unit 7: Employment Relations
• employer – employee relationship
• employment contracts
• UAE labour federal low
• Employment relationship responsibilities
• OH & S programs
• Terminating an employment

Program out course:
• Sit a recruitment plan
• Utilize TNA techniques and instruments
• Conduct competency interview
• Process and handle staff requests
• Offer quality services to the organizations staff