On The Job Training Techniques

Program Duration: 2 days

Program Objectives:
By the end of the program, the participants will be able to:
• Know why training is important and its impact on business
• Understand the critical role of the OJT and its impact on the organizational and individual levels
• Develop OJT training techniques and skills
• Conduct structured OJT programs
• Enhance coaching sessions
• Conduct an evaluation at the end of the OJT Programs
• Measure ROI

Program Outcomes:
The expected outcomes that can be practically implemented in the workplace, as a result of this training, are as follows.
• Develop and implement structured OJT programs
• Utilize adequate techniques for analyzing tasks , competencies and training requirements
• Set action plan and move from as IS to BE
• Conduct effective coaching sessions
• Apply proper ROI techniques

Program Content:
Intellectual Dimensions of the OJT
• Concept and importance of OJT
• The difference between OJT and off the job training
• The critical role of the OJT in achieving the organizational effectiveness and efficiency
• OJT ,training process and PDCA Cycle

Planning of the OJT
• Identification of jobs for OJT
• Conducting task analysis
• Setting task standards
• Identifying level of competencies
• Identifying competency and performance gaps
• Identifying training needs for the target employees

Implementing OJT Plans
• Setting a training schedule
• Preparing a coaching plan
• Coaching process and techniques
• Giving feedback to the coachee
• Reinforcement of the positive performance

Evaluation OJT Programs
• Evaluating OJT Program
• Measuring ROI

Program Design and Target Population:
This course is designed to provide new and experienced OJT trainers with the important skills they need to develop and implement effective OJT programs

Program Delivery Methods:
The above mentioned program will be delivered using the following approaches.

• Workshops
• Individual Assignments
• On the site training
• Coaching sessions
• Simulation
• Audio/Visual Platforms