Succession Planning

Program Duration: 3 Days

Program Objectives:
By the end of the program, participants will be able to:
• Understand succession planning concept, importance and challenges.
• How to develop and implement a succession planning program.
• Evaluate the effectiveness of the program outcomes.
• Apply succession planning approach efficiently.
• Utilize assessment tools for measuring employees’ capabilities and competencies levels with a specific emphasis on the effective utilization of 360.
• Set a successful succession plan in collaboration with the concerned stakeholders.
• Deploy cost/benefit analysis technique as one of the measures of the plan effectiveness.

Program Contents:
Succession planning Foundation
• Concept and benefits of succession planning.
• CSF of succession planning.
• Challenges to succession planning.
• The link between succession planning and career development planning.

Succession Planning Approach
• Career led.
• Organization led.
• Market led.
• Executive.
• Development.
• Reactive.

Stages of Succession Planning
• Identification of gap analysis and needs for succession planning.
• Analysis of the organization structure.
• Identification of present and future needs.
• Involvement and commitment of top management.

Identification of key Areas and Positions
• Analysis of the nature of the jobs.
• Employee capability assessment.
• Stakeholders meetings.

Identification of Employees Pool and Assessment of Competencies
• Analysis of competency framework.
• Assessing target employees’ competencies.
• Identifying competency gap.

Development and launch of Succession and Development Plan
• Documentation of succession plan.
• Policy Document.
• Setting and communicating succession plan.
• Developing action plan for implementation.

Monitoring Levels of Progress
• Tracking individual performance.
• Analysis of reports.
• Meetings with target employees.

Evaluating and Measuring Succession Plans Effectiveness

• Reasons for evaluation.
• Evaluation factors.
• Methods of evaluation.

Program Design and Target Participants:
This program is designed for all management professionals who are keen about developing and implementing effective succession plans.

Program Delivery Methods:
• Work shops.
• Case studies.
• Individual and group Exercises.
• Action plans.
• Assessments.