Train the Trainer

Program Duration: 3 day

Program Overview
The Train the Trainer course is designed to improve the training skills of experienced trainers as well as teach those that desire to become trainers, the appropriate techniques, practices and prinples of training adults effectively. It uses a variety .

Program Objectives:
By the end of the program, the participants will be able to:
• Know why training is important and its impact on business
• Prepare training agenda and course outlines
• Apply specific training techniques based on certain situations
• Learn group dynamics
• Learn ways to lead and facilitate discussions
• Train adults in an engaging, non-threatening, and interesting manner
• Lead groups and teams through experiential activities
• Make PowerPoint presentations and use other audio/visual aids
• Use icebreakers, stories, games, case studies and other resources to improve training effectiveness
• Know how to arrange prepare the logistics for a training course
• Conduct an evaluation at the end of a course

Program Outcomes:
The expected outcomes that can be practically implemented in the workplace, as a result of this training, are as follows.
• Organize and implement training sessions
• Conduct effective training sessions
• Create a training environment that encourages learning
• Be able to teach others how to be an effective trainer
• Evaluate training sessions and designs methods to improve their effectiveness

Program Content:
• Understanding how to use various training techniques
• How to establish ground rules and obtain group agreement
• How to prepare for group discussions
• How lead group discussions
• Group dynamics and their importance in training
• Creating an environment conducive to training
• Ways to use a variety of audio and visual aids to enhance training sessions
• Requirements for arranging a well organized training event
• Icebreakers, stories, games, case studies and other resources can improve training effectiveness
• The importance of obtaining feedback about the training event

Program Design and Target Population:
This course is designed to provide new and experienced trainers with the important skills they need to implement effective training session. Through the information shared in the workshop, coupled with their participation in experiential activities and real case studies, the participants should feel more confident and competent in implementing training. They will be presented with a variety to scenarios, tools, techniques and practices that they can draw on when needed.

Program Delivery Methods:
The above mentioned course will be delivered using the following approaches.
• Lecturing
• Individual Assignments
• Case Studies
• Group Activities
• Role Playing
• Audio/Visual Platforms