Cross Selling Skills

Cross Selling Skills
General Target
It has been long accepted wisdom that it’s easier to expand share-of-wallet with existing customers through cross selling it is to find new customers. Most of those who try to exercise this truth, however, succumb to the temptation to look at their array of products or services and decide how many of these could be added to the portfolio of the customer’s purchases. Unfortunately, this approach has been shown to fail every time. Effective cross selling starts with an analysis of what needs the customer has (particularly those they may not be aware of) that the seller can answer in unique and differentiated ways
Training audience: PO Box counter staff; corporate sales teams, call centre staff, internal teams
What Will You Gain From the Course?
• Learn how to match your customers needs to the accompanying products and services that you offerز
• Understand motivational needs of customer segments
• Learn how to introduce the best matched products to your customers at the right time
• Understand what makes people buy
• Listen and quickly match a need with a cross sell product or service
• Ask effective on-target qualify questions
• Learn when to cross sell and when to up sell
• Describe an effective cross selling system
• Gently refocus resistance to a cross sell
• Use value proposition techniques to test for acceptance: need, interest, indifference
• Apply one or more of the six modern influencing techniques
• Know when to offer advise or suggestions even if not tied directly to a cross sale product or service
• Axes session
• Difference and benefits of:
o up-selling
o cross-selling
• Questioning techniques to pull information from the customer
o The use of question.
o Open, probing, and close questions
o Using questions to elicit needs
o Identifying useful questions
• Enhancing on features and benefits
o knowing the nuances and details of your product portfolio
• Negotiating to gain a win/win outcome
• Using your Unique Selling Point (USP) to your advantage
• How to look out for buying signals and gain commitment
• Setting achievable and realistic objectives
• Assertiveness: building the confidence to sell
• Positive and negative language
• Turning difficult situations to your advantage
• Using listening skills to sell to customers’ needs
• Handling objections professionally