Effective Marketing Management

Program Duration : 3 Days

Program Objectives: By the end of this program, participants will be able to :
• Understand marketing dynamism
• Analyze customer needs , motives and desires that formulate customer behavior
• Position company products and services in the market
• Promote company brands
• Develop competitive marketing strategies

Program Contents
Intellectual Dimensions of Marketing
• Concept and importance of marketing
• Evolution of marketing
• Main Components Of Marketing
• Marketing Framework
• Marketing Analysis and research

Drivers of Consumer Behavior
• Define Consumer Behavior
• Consumer Buying Decision Process
• Consumer Behavior And Its Affect On Purchases
• Consumer needs and desires and its impact on Marketing Plans

Developing A Marketing Plan
• Attributes Of A Marketing Plan
• Types Of Products
• Product Life Cycle
• BCG Matrix
• Pricing Strategies
• Product Or Service Distribution
• Marketing plan and promotion

Product and Market Assessment
• Know your product
• Product Assessment Cycle
• Target markets and product assessment

Target Marketing and Segmentation
• Concept of segmentation
• Market Segmentation methods

Positioning your product
• Brand Positioning
• Develop Your Own Brand Position

Marketing Mix
• Marketing Mix
• Promotion Mix

Marketing Strategy
• What is marketing strategy
• Types of marketing strategies
• Porter 5 strategies
• Developing a competitive marketing strategies

Program Design and Target Participants:
This program is designed for those who are interested in leveraging their marketing competencies and penetrating markets

Program Delivery Methods
• Self- assessments
• Workshops
• Case studies
• Exercises
• Action plans