Perfume Selling Techniques


Perfume Selling Techniques

Program Duration:
3 days

Program Objectives:
By the end of this program, participants will be able to:
• Be more confident in mastering sales process.
• Identify customer needs and requirements.
• Discover customer purchase triggers and capitalize on them.
• Open and close sales professionally.
• Present a product or service that adds a real value to the customers.
• Negotiate and deal with customer objectives.

Program outcomes:
• Deploy human behavior model in understanding customer needs.
• Utilize questioning techniques for professional sales.
• Apply body language skills for supporting process.
• Develop action plans for developing sales relationship with the concerned customers.

Program contents:
Planning of Sales Meeting:
• Awareness of the customer.
• Appreciation of the relationship with the customer.
• Preparation of the Royal Diwan Group perfume products and services portfolio.
• Objectives setting.

Opening a Sales Meeting:
• Rapport building.
• Strategic positioning of the company.
• Examples of the Royal Diwan Group initiatives and value added solutions to customers.
• Exploration of the buyer’s intents and desires.

Identification of Customer Needs:
• Identifying customer needs and expectations.
• Understanding customer behavior.
• Listening to the voice of customer.
• Utilization of questioning techniques.

Selling Perfume:
• The sense of smell
• Types of perfume products
• Professional skills for testing a perfume and influencing a customer
• Offering consultative selling for perfume

Customer Centric Selling Process:
• Selling strategies that add a value.
• Consultative selling and the proposed solutions.
• Negotiating for win – win.
• Handling customer objectives.
• Building partnership.
• Closing the sales.

Program Design and Target Participants
• This program is designed for sales team leaders, supervisors and sales representative who are eager to distinguish themselves as
• Sales professionals and real partners in the customer’s success.

Program delivery method:
• Assessment.
• Workshops.
• Role plays.
• Video case studies.
• Individual and group exercises.

Programs Venue:
Coral Diera hotel-Dubai