Fundamentals of SLA, RFP&FFI

Program Duration: 3Days

Program Objectives:

By the end of this program, participants will be able to:
• Understand the crucial role of SLA in enhancing and sustaining level of service
• Define SLA requirements
• Define services and meet stakeholders needs
• Enhance SAL review and measurement competencies
• Manage SLA and identifies areas of change and improvement
• Develop professional RFP and RFI for meeting the organizational requirements

Program Contents:
Intellectual Dimensions of SLA
• SLA concept and importance in today’s realm of business
• SLA an uniqueness of telecommunication services

SLA Process
• Identification of stakeholders business needs and expectations
• Determining elements of the service
• Illustration of service requirements

SLA Forms
• Harmonizing SLA with the telecom provider organizational culture and styles
• Understanding individual customers and group needs and goals
• Developing and drafting an appropriate SLA format

Monitoring and Reviewing SLA
• Importance of monitoring and measuring SLA outcomes
• Measuring SLA performance against established KPIs and goals
• Identification of areas of improvement

Request for Proposal
• Importance of RFP
• RFP and organizational needs and requirements
• RFP style and format
Program Design and Target Participants:
This program is designed for Managers, team leaders, supervisors and those who are looking for leveraging their SLA, RFP &RFI competencies.

Program Delivery Methods:
• Self – Assessments.
• Workshops.
• Individual and group exercises
• Case studies.
• Presentation
• Projects