Developing the Leader in You

Program Duration: 3 days

Program Objectives:
By the end of this program, participants will be able to:
• Be aware of their inner world, motives and drivers
• Understand your intellectual model and paradigm
• Re-build self intellectual immune system
• Develop leadership styles for leading others
• Inspire and influence people
• Support and assist people
• Leave a legacy

Program Outcomes:
• Improve paradigm shift.
• Develop IDP

Program Contents:
Leadership Perspectives
• Leadership and art of positive influence
• Strategic priorities and leadership

Cognitive Dimensions of Self Development
• Self Development concept.
• Characteristics of successful self development processes for leaders
• Relationship between self development and leadership excellence

Self Assessment
• Self assessment methods(Individual assessment, 360 and multiple feedback)
• Identification of strengths and areas of improvement
• Analysis of inner motives and drivers
• Setting IDP
• Managing time and IDP

Five Essential Pillars for Leaders
• Self leadership before leading others
• The added value.
• Enhancement of leadership thoughts and culture
• Practices of leadership
• Persistence for growth

Program Design and Target Participants:
Program Delivery Methods:
• Self-assessment.
• Workshops.
• Exercises.
• Role plays.
• Case studies.