Disaster Planning & Management

Program Duration: 3 days

Program Objectives:
This course is designed to provide you with crucial information that will allow you to identify, analyze, plan and control risks and disaters to your business.

Program outcomes:
• Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and implement strategies required by the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 and other UK civil contingencies legislation
• Examine selected examples of disaster management in other countries.
• Evaluate issues in emergency planning and management and their practical implications, with a view to improving current practice

Program outline:
Increased levels of preparedness and more effective responses to realised risks and threats also require an understanding of the issues that underlie many of the day-to-day problems faced by practitioners in the field of emergency planning and management.
This understanding, including how such issues may be addressed in practice, is necessary in order to increase the level of resilience of individual organisations, as well as the effectiveness of the integrated emergency management of disruptive challenges to the economy, society, and security.

The course covers a range of subject areas, such as:
• Disaster Theory and Practice
• Risk Assessment
• Emergency and Disaster Planning
• Integrated Emergency Management Practice and Issues
• Managing Health in Emergencies and Disasters
• Business Continuity Management
• The Management of Natural and Environmental Disasters
• Research Design and Methods
• Dissertation Topic

Program Design and Target Participants
• Designed both for professionals who have current responsibilities in the field of emergency planning and management and for individuals who wish to enter into this field

Program Delivery Methods:
• Workshops
• Case studies
• Exercises
• projects