Diversity and Community

Program Duration: 2 Days
Program Objectives: by the end of this program, participants will be able to:

• Understand cultural diversity in different context and communities.
• Know the role of diversity in enhancing the organizational integrity and the competitive advantage.
• Delve deeper into issues related to cultural diversity.
• Develop inter cultural skills for leveraging the organizational environment and performance.

Program Outcomes:
• Apply diversity strategy for institutionalization.
• Enable and empower employees and communities in management and decision making processes.

Program Contents:
Intellectual Dimensions of Diversity
• Diversity concept.
• Evolution of diversity management.
• Diversity and community.
• Identity in multicultural context.

Diversity and the Organizational Environment
• Basis of diversity.
• Diversity and the competitive advantage.
• Barriers to diversity.
• Diversity strategy.

Institutionalization of Diversity in the Workplace
• Power in organizations.
• Diversity in teams.
• Planning and diversity.
• Decision making and diversity.
• Innovation and diversity.

Program Design and Target Participants:
This program is designed for managers who are interested in sustaining inter cultural environment for enhancing the organizational performance.

Program Delivery Methods:
• Workshops.
• Case studies.
• Exercises.