Effective Project Management Skills

Program Duration: 3 days

Program Objectives:
By the end of the program, participants will be able to:
• Understand the nature and dynamism of projects.
• Articulate similarities and differences between all kinds of projects.
• Gain project management techniques and develop the documents related to the project.
• Learn how to utilize project planning tools and techniques.
• Be familiar with MS project application.
• Monitor and effectively execute project activities.

Program Outcomes:
• Deploy project planning techniques: PERT, CPM, S- curve and WBS.
• Utilize Gantt Charts for scheduling and monitoring work progress.
• Allocate resources efficiently.
• Prepare progress reports for stakeholders.

Program Contents:
Essential Concept and Dimension
• Project management concept.
• Types of projects.
• Goal and scope of project.
• Role and responsibility of the project manager.
• Critical success factors of the project.

Project Feasibility Study
• Importance of the feasibility study.
• Techniques for conducting feasibility study.
• Major indicators of the project feasibility.

Project planning
• Project life cycle and planning.
• Essential steps for project planning.
• Project work breakdown structure (WBS).
• Preparing a realistic time schedule.
• PERT and CPM Networks.
• Bar chart and Gantt charts.
• Managing and allocating resources.
• Project cash flow and S-curve.

Project Implementation and Follow up
• Monitoring and controlling work progress.
• Reading work indicators.
• Reporting project progress to the concerned stakeholders.

Program Design and Target Participants:
This program is designed for employees who are involved in managing and implementing projects.

Program Delivery Methods:
• Self –Assessments.
• Workshops.
• Case studies.
• Role plays.
• Projects.