Best Practices Procurement

Program Duration: 5 days

Program Objectives:
By the end of the program, participants will be able to:
• To understand the world class procurement strategies and how you can implement them into the organization.
• To know top price management tools & techniques and how you can use them to best effect.
• To evaluate best practice negotiation & supplier relationship management strategies and how you can develop real win-win partnerships with suppliers.

Program outcomes:
• Employing procurement processes to align with organization’s strategy
• Reviewing user requests
• Developing requirements
• Using cost-related analysis tools
• Developing a tactical approach to order placement

Program outline:
Part I: Operational Purchasing Practices
Chapter 1: Procurement and Best Business Practices
Chapter 2: Selecting Suppliers and Measuring Performance
Chapter 3: Administering Contracts
Chapter 4: Administering Contracts for Supplier Compliance
Part II: Managing Systems and Relationships
Chapter 5: Managing Negotiations
Chapter 6: Using Computer-Based Systems
Chapter 7: Managing Quality
Chapter 8: Maintaining Internal Relations
Chapter 9: Supplier Relationship Management
Part III: Providing Added Value
Chapter 10: Making Sound Sourcing Decisions
Chapter 11: Adding Value to the Organization
Chapter 12: Strategic Procurement Planning

Program Design and Target Participants
Procurement professionals and practitioners who are responsible for managing Inventories/Material Management
Program Delivery Methods:
• Workshops
• Case studies
• Exercises
• projects

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